The Kumon Story

Kumon is an after school study program that started in Japan over 50 years ago by Toru Kumon, a high school math teacher.

We are proud to be part of a  well established approach  to learning, as Kumon has been practiced by students around the world for over 60 years.  Our committment is to help  students achieve their best potential in a positive learning environment. Students strenghten skills in math and reading  and advance through levels at their own pace. Learning concepts range from pre-school to college level curriculum. In Kumon, students learn and develop skills that endure. Experience has taught us that learning with sufficient practice is not only  retained, but also fosters confidence and independence. Additionally, Kumon helps students gain skills that enable the advantage of academic excellence, as opposed to narrow focus on specific type tests.

It has been a privilege and pleasure to serve our clients in Herndon and the surrounding areas for nearly 15 years and counting. We have  continued to learn and  improve. We consider the many, many successes of our students in schools, colleges and beyond a true testament to  the Kumon Method and our earnest, sincere dedication. We  truly appreciate our supportive families, many who have continued with our Center over the years as their families have grown .

Toru Kumon was born in Kochi Prefecture, Japan. After graduating from Osaka Imperial University (Faculty of Science, Department of Math) he became a schoolteacher.

Toru Kumon believed that the work of an educator is to foster a mindset for self-learning in children. So he went through much trial and error when creating learning materials for his son so Takeshi would be able to work comfortably with the materials each day and to steadily develop his skills. Based on his experience as a high school teacher, Toru Kumon knew that many high school students had problems with their math studies because of insufficient calculation skills. Therefore, he focused on developing Takeshi’s calculation skills, and created materials that made it possible for his son to learn independently. Through his own educational experiences, Toru Kumon knew that students could only gain genuine academic ability by making progress on their own.

Handmade materials created by Toru Kumon for his son in 1954. These materials served as the prototype for today’s Kumon worksheets.